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Drive Innovation and Growth with UAS Solutions

Sponsor the Oregon UAS Accelerator

Sponsor the Oregon UAS Accelerator

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Join the forefront of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) innovation by becoming a sponsor of the Oregon UAS Accelerator. Your support will fuel groundbreaking advancements in UAS technology while connecting your brand with cutting-edge startups and industry leaders.

Why Sponsor?

  • Access to innovative UAS startups and technologies
  • Networking opportunities with industry leaders and investors
  • Brand visibility in a rapidly growing sector
  • Contribution to economic growth and job creation in Oregon
  • Involvement in shaping the future of UAS and robotics
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Annual Sponsorship Programs

The Oregon UAS Accelerator offers an annual sponsorship program with three levels of engagement, providing flexibility and access for a diverse range of service providers.



All benefits of the Silver Sponsor Package

Prominent logo placement and recognition as a "Gold Sponsor" across all Accelerator marketing materials and events

Dedicated sponsor profile on the Accelerator's website

Opportunity to host or co-host one exclusive workshop or seminar for Accelerator startups

Early access to pitch materials and investor roundup events

Invitation to participate in the Accelerator's mentor network and provide guidance to selected startups

Opportunity to submit four articles for publication on the Accelerator's website

Gold Level Logo Placement at the Accelerator



All benefits of the Bronze Sponsor Package

Opportunity to present or exhibit at one Demo Day event annually

Invitation to exclusive networking events with startups and industry leaders

Opportunity to participate in one Accelerator-hosted webinar or panel discussion

Opportunity to submit two articles for publication on the Accelerator's website

Silver Level Logo Placement at the Accelerator



Inclusion in the Oregon UAS Accelerator's Preferred Vendor List

Logo placement (with link) on the Accelerator's website and select marketing materials

Invitation to attend one Demo Day event annually

Opportunity to submit an article for publication on the Accelerator's website

Social Media Post Announcing Sponsorship

Bronze Level Logo Placement at the Accelerator

In-Kind Partnership Opportunities

In addition to our sponsorship program, we welcome in-kind partnerships with organizations that can provide valuable resources, products, or services to our accelerator participants and the broader UAS ecosystem. By contributing in-kind, you'll gain exposure to a vibrant community of innovators and industry leaders, positioning your brand as a supporter of cutting-edge technologies.

Your in-kind contributions can take various forms, such as:

  • Providing discounted or complimentary access to your products or services for our startups
  • Offering specialized equipment, software, or platforms for testing and development
  • Providing subject matter expertise through mentorship or training programs
  • Hosting workshops, seminars, or networking events for our accelerator community


By partnering with the Oregon UAS Accelerator, you'll gain access to a collaborative ecosystem that fosters innovation and growth. Our program offers numerous benefits, including:

Access to Cutting-Edge Solutions

Explore innovative UAS technologies tailored to meet the specific needs of your industry, enabling you to stay ahead of the curve and maintain a competitive edge.

Direct Engagement with Startups

Leverage the expertise and innovative approaches of our startups to address your unique challenges and explore new business opportunities.

Brand Visibility and Thought Leadership

Gain exposure and establish thought leadership within the UAS industry through our marketing platforms, events, and networking opportunities.

Industry Network and Investor Connections

Connect with industry leaders, potential partners, and investors, fostering valuable collaborations and partnerships.

Shaping the Future of UAS Integration

Contribute to the responsible integration of UAS technologies across various sectors, shaping effective policies and regulations for public benefit.

Purchase your sponsorship today and be part of a thriving ecosystem that is shaping the future of unmanned systems and unlocking new opportunities across various industries.

Looking for More Information?

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or in-kind partner and driving innovation in the UAS industry but would like some more information before proceeding, please, fill out the form below, and our team will reach out to you to discuss potential partnership opportunities and explore how we can support your organization's goals and objectives.