The Oregon UAS Accelerator is a groundbreaking program empowering startups and innovators in the Unmanned Aircraft and Robotics Systems. Funded by Business Oregon, the accelerator provides a comprehensive support system, including non-dilutive funding, expert mentorship, and access to world-class testing facilities at the renowned Pendleton UAS Test Range. By fostering a collaborative ecosystem, the accelerator enables participants to rapidly develop and commercialize cutting-edge solutions, positioning Oregon as a hub for UAS and URS innovation.

Program Overview

Accelerate Your Innovation

The Oregon UAS Accelerator provides a comprehensive program to propel your startup's growth. Gain access to a $40,000 non-dilutive grant, expert mentorship, world-class testing facilities, and a tailored curriculum. Our program covers key areas like technical development, business strategy, investor readiness, regulatory compliance, and commercialization support.

Leverage our resources and expertise to rapidly iterate, validate, and bring your groundbreaking unmanned solutions to market.

Accelerate Your Business

Education and Training

Expert Guidance

Gain invaluable mentorship from industry leaders and subject matter experts in technical development, business strategy, investor readiness, and regulatory compliance.

Meet Our Mentors

Unparalleled Testing Capabilities

Pendleton UAS Range

Access state-of-the-art facilities and unparalleled testing capabilities at the Pendleton UAS Test Range to rapidly iterate and validate solutions.

  • 14,000 square miles
  • Operations up to 15,000 MSL.
  • Access to innumerable flight test environments
  • UAS-friendly ATC tower,
  • ILS system
  • 6,300 ft. primary runway
More About the Range

Investor Connections

Fueling Your Success

Pitch polished solutions to potential investors, industry leaders, and customers at the Pendleton Investor Roundup and additional events, facilitating funding and partnership opportunities.

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september 10, 2024


In this unique event, inaugural cohort members are set to take center stage, pitching their cutting-edge technologies to potential investors against the backdrop of the Wild West spirit.

  • Aerial Industries Pte.

    Developing scalable autonomous UAS, overcoming design limits for robotic low-altitude ops in agriculture, delivery, mobility.

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  • Cyphra Autonomy

    Pioneering voice control solutions for seamless operation of autonomous vehicles across multiple platforms. 
  • Phenix Solutions Inc.

    Veteran-owned pioneer in certified heavy-lift UAS platforms for demanding missions like cargo transport, firefighting, and forestry management. 
  • Rangair LLC

    Pioneering airborne broadband solutions for pervasive connectivity and modern tools for public safety teams in remote areas. 
  • Zepher Flight Labs, Inc.

    Pioneering scalable, modular, and reliable autonomous UAS platforms designed for large-scale operations.

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  • Zing Drone Solutions

    Empowering businesses with customizable turnkey solutions for efficient and scalable drone delivery operations. 
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Join the Unmanned Innovation Revolution

The Oregon UAS Accelerator is your gateway to success in the rapidly growing unmanned aircraft systems industry. With our comprehensive support, unparalleled testing facilities, and access to funding opportunities, we empower startups to turn their innovative ideas into reality.

Don't miss this chance to accelerate your Unmanned Systems commercialization journey. Apply now and become part of our next cohort of trailblazers.

  • Investor Partnerships

    Unlock the potential of the UAS industry with the Oregon UAS Accelerator. Our Investor Partnerships provide exclusive access to promising startups, cutting-edge technologies, and strategic investment opportunities.

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  • Innovation Partnerships

    Drive organizational transformation and stay ahead of the curve with the Oregon UAS Accelerator's Innovation Partnerships. Gain direct access to startups, validate product roadmaps, and foster a culture of innovation.

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  • Community Partnerships

    Accelerate economic growth and cultivate a thriving innovation ecosystem through the Oregon UAS Accelerator's Community Partnerships. Collaborate to develop talent, drive technological advancements, and engage diverse communities.

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  • Mentor Partnerships

    Become a catalyst for growth and success in the UAS industry through the Oregon UAS Accelerator's Mentor Partnerships. Provide invaluable guidance, foster collaboration, and create lasting relationships with promising startups.

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